Proven Marketing Campaigns

proven marketing campaignsSometimes a business does not want to gamble on marketing. Our agency has proven marketing campaigns that flat out work.

No guess work. We have unique marketing strategies that can easily increase your bottom line profits by 30% or more.

While this may sound like just another vendor’s inflated claim, businesses have found that this strategy, although very simple, produces exceptional results. For example, a leading marketing training and research firm, Australian Local Marketing. recently polled its customers and discovered these results:


• Using this simple strategy, one client improved their sales by 500%, setting a record for the 25 years they’ve been in business.

• Another client realized a 65% increase in profits on a project with just one hour of effort.

• And another client generated favorable increases from 100% of his customers.

    We have 3 types of Proven Marketing Campaigns, Lead Generation, Sales Campaigns and Pay Per Call Campaigns.

Lead Generation for the following industries: Real Estate Agents, Gyms, Salon Hair / Beauty / Eyebrows, Towing, Auto Body & Repairs, Plumbing, Insurance life /house / car/funeral/ Private Medical, Heating check ups, Air Conditioning checkups, Garage door repairs, Electricians, Spa /Facial, Yoga, Auto Repairs Hail Damage, Sell Your Home, Chiropractic, Dental Implant/ Cleaning, Roofing, Solicitors personal injury / divorce, Mortgages/New /Refinance, Jewelery Stores,  Podiatrists, Restaurants / Cafes, Plastic / Cosmetic Surgeons, House Painters, Locksmiths, Carpet Cleaning, Limousines, car Hire, Home Security, Serviced Offices, PC Repairs and more! We can implement any of these campaigns for your business.

Why Lead Generation? What is your business doing right now to drive new customers through your doors? If you can’t answer that question off the top of your head, you probably aren’t doing enough.

The way customers find the products, services and business they want has changed. Today, most people go online first. But if your business doesn’t know how to effectively connect with these hot leads, you need the help of someone who does.That’s where we come in.

Fees / Investment 

Depending on the industry, there is a set up cost & cost per lead generated (form filled out). The 1st 6 leads are free!

  1. Sales Campaigns Including: (works Better For larger companies)Past Customer Reactivation for a company that sells servicesPast Customer Reactivation for a company that sells productsJoint Ventures4 Day Cash machine SaleScratch & DentSales Funnels

Because I work with your company individually to ensure that you get the best results possible, I can only service a limited number of clients at any given time. The handful of companies that implement this strategy will gain an incomparable competitive advantage.

If I could have a few minutes to give you more details on how this strategy works, I know you won’t be disappointed. Because of its unique nature, I can't really do it justice by describing the strategy in a letter. But I promise the short time it takes to fill you in on the details will be well worth your time.

Australian Local Marketing’s Responsibilities (using client reactivation as an example)

Provide the marketing strategy and guidance for reactivating as many past customers as possible.

Write the Customer Reactivation Letter.

Assist in selecting the best topic for your gift, coupon or report. Locate writer to create the report and assist in developing the report outline for that writer.

Assist in finding a mailing house to prepare and mail the Reactivation Letter. Prepare email sequence (if business has email list).

Assist in determining the best mailing date.

Provide consulting and guidance for determining the best product to offer and a highly attractive but reasonable discount amount.

Your Responsibilities

Compile the list of past customers who have not been contacted during the past 6 to 24 months.

Provide background information for selecting the best topic for your gift report.

Appoint a staff member to be responsible for working with the writer who will develop the gift report.

Create a unique web page for the report download that allows us to measure response.

Fees / Investment

My fee is based upon a retainer upfront and percentage of the profits generated by the project, and never upon time units. That way you’re encouraged to call upon me without worrying about a meter running, and I’m free to suggest additional areas of focus without concern about increasing your investment. In addition, since the majority of my fee is based on increased profits, I’m as invested in your success as you are.

3. Pay Per Call Campaigns. This applies to every business who wants inbound, qualified phone leads. You are charged per lead (we use tracking software). Calls are only charged after 30 seconds, giving time to hang up on junk calls. The price for Pay Per Call Campaigns starts $15 for less competitive markets and goes up to $80 - $100 for very competitive markets, however most campaigns are between $30 - $50 per call with a set up fee.

Call 0415 32 6634 to discuss your proven marketing campaign needs. You'll be glad you did!