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proven marketing campaigns

4 Day Cash Machine Sale

Best Type of Business

Coupon Sales 
Salons / Day Spa / Massage

Physical Products
and more!

I’d like to show you a simple, proven way to give your business an instant increase in
profits. The marketing strategy I’ll share with you is as close to turnkey as it gets. It takes just 2 hours to put into action and you’ll begin bringing in substantial profits right away.

Because this technique is proprietary, I’d prefer not to disclose the details on this page, but the results it has produced for other business has been exceptional.

Lately I have been having massive success with a proven marketing campaign.

If I hadn’t tried it first, I’d never believed it would work because it’s based on something I’ve always been against:

Having A Sale…

Yes, I realise the concept of having a sale is nothing new to you, but very few people actually do it.

I call it

The Mr. Nice Guy Sale

Also known as the “Aww …how sweet” sale.

The way it works is simple.

First, you find a reason why you’re having the sale.

The easiest reason (and the one that pulls in the most orders out of nowhere) is simply this example:

“I’d Like To Thank You For Being My Subscriber”

No kidding!

See, people get hung up about sales for two reasons.

First, they worry about things like, “What if my other customers see that I’ve had a sale and get mad?”

…So let me go ahead and address that.

They probably WON’T CARE.

I say this because I use this technique at least once a month …and I get about 200-300 extra orders every time.

And out of the 40,000 + customers I have in my Niche business, I’ve had around seven complain. That’s it. SEVEN.

So how does this system work?

You find a product that you would like to move. We (you and your staff or just me) put together some bonuses (most are laying around your office)

I put together a series of emails in which we email to your list 4 days in a row. Typically the sale is not 10%, it’s more like 25% – 50% so it’s a real sale.

Using the proven system you will have a cash injection.

My part 30% of profits the cash injection brings in.

Best of all, you can test this strategy risk free. If it doesn’t perform as well as I’ve promised, it costs you nothing. Also, because I can only handle a small number of clients
at any given time, you’ll be part of a very small group that even has access to this highly effective strategy.

With the ability to increase your profits almost overnight, a number of businesses are bound to grab this quickly.

If you want a cash injection in your business call

Andrew on 0415 32 66 34


Did everybody get mad when I ran the sale? NO.

Did my list freak out when I sent the same promotion four times over such a short period? NO.


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