Hi, I’m Andrew, owner of Australian Local Marketing. I specialize in helping private practice surgeons just like you make more money by getting more patients than they ever thought possible in their businesses.  I’ve headed marketing for many behind the scenes campaigns in Australia, and owned or ran several successful online and Internet companies and in a minute I’m going to tell you how you can get your two FREE “shameless bribes” valued at $1100…

But first I want to ask you…

 What is the biggest challenge, fear or frustration you face in your business? (Be honest.)

  • You are tired of wasting your money on empty promises, ads and marketing tactics that DON’T work.
  • You see that advertising your medical practice IS getting more COMPLEX – but you think you can’t afford to hire someone on your staff who is an expert in local, search, mobile and social media marketing.
  • You are very UNHAPPY (maybe disgusted?) with the money you take home from your business?
  • You make excellent money, but you’d like to do even BETTER.
  • You’re concerned (maybe scared stiff) by what’s happening in the economy and with medical regulation and insurance. You’re unsure of the FUTURE of your business.
  • You are WORRIED about competition on the Internet stealing your new patients by doing a better job of making themselves visible and RANKING higher in the search engines (I’LL SHOW YOU WHO BELOW).
  • You would be thrilled to do LESS work, especially LESS hard work and make MORE money.
  • You (and/or your staff) do an outstanding “technical” job of providing your services, but you need more of the knowledge, skills, savvy and expertise to properly MARKET and manage what you do.
  • Your business creates too much STRESS for you and not enough joy. Your “Dreams” of business-ownership have become more of a “nightmare.”
  • Other

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, rest easy because you are not alone.  These problems plague most plastic surgeons. In this very special letter you’ll discover the answers.

plastic surgeon marketing

Most Plastic Surgeons Have Been Sold a “Bill Of Goods”

When it comes to figuring out how to market their plastic surgery practice on the Internet to get more patients and make more money, most of the advice out there is flat out wrong.  Some of it may have been true 15 years ago or even last year, but now it’s hopelessly out of date.  In fact, you’ve probably succeeded to this point in spite of much of the advice you’ve gotten from advertising reps, website builders, SEO gurus and industry “experts.”

I can even look in the source code of your website and in 5 minutes give you some preliminary findings that will prove my point that at least some of your Internet Marketing strategy is out of date.

There are a lot of plastic surgery practices struggling with marketing on the Internet.  So the last thing you need right now is a bunch of re-hashed sales and advertising techniques that were only marginally successful 10 years ago or even last year, and aren’t working now.

Exploding The Myth—Being Good is NOT Good Enough!

You know you do a good job running your private practice.  You offer quality products, quality services, and you try to hire the best staff.  On top of that, you’re honest with your patients and you offer them a chance to re-make themselves.  And let’s face it: you really care about treating your patient’s right!  You deserve to be making a lot of money…and if technical expertise, quality workmanship, honesty, and attention to detail were all that was needed to make all the money you wanted to, you’d already be doing it.

Here’s why even “good” plastic surgeons are struggling…

Even the Best Plastic Surgeon in the World

Will Struggle and Suffer, Even Go Broke

Without A SYSTEM (lead funnel) That Generates A Steady Flow Of New, Good Patients (Especially in today’s market)

Yet plastic surgeons think that just because they have great skills, services and customer service that they will have success. That their practice will grow and they will make a lot of money.  That patients will beat a path to their door. I call this the “build a better mousetrap” theory, and it’s totally false!

Exploding Your Profits in the Plastic Surgery Business

Is Not About How Much You Know About Plastic Surgery…

It’s About How Much You Know About Marketing Yourself & Your Practice!

The only way you are going to make a lot of money is if you can get the phone to ring continuously, and predictably, (in any market) with prospects who are willing to pay you top-dollar and not even THINK about shopping with your competitors.  Your plastic surgery skill alone (by itself) WILL NOT do this.  If you don’t combine your skills with the right kind of Marketing Systems, your business you will never make the kind of money you want or deserve.

The hard, cold fact of life is that the plastic surgeon who has learned the secrets of powerful, effective Marketing is the one who will always make the most money… regardless of their skills

I know this isn’t fair.

The plastic surgeons who have the best skills, who are the best at customer service, and who provide the best results should automatically make the most money.  But they don’t.

People should beat a path to the door of the best plastic surgeon.  But they don’t.

People should only seek out the most highly skilled and ethical plastic surgeon, and happily pay top dollar.  But they don’t.

People should REALIZE that all those sleazy, bait-and-switch “discount” surgeons offer those super-low prices just to bamboozle customers so they can rip them off.  But they don’t.

I wish the real world worked like that.  But it doesn’t.

It’s not fair.  But who said life is fair?

So I have to give it to you straight.  I think you are man or woman enough to take it.

You can both fight this fact and continue to struggle, or you can change—embrace the evolving new world of online marketing and experience dramatic increases in your revenue.  (By making this giant, mental paradigm shift, you’ll instantly gain an enormous competitive advantage over everybody else in your area.  You’ll Crush the Competition!)

Want Proof of the Endless Possibilities With Google Domination?

(See home page examples)

How About Proof of Dominating the 1st Page of Google with Video?

With that in mind, I have three FREE gifts to help you dramatically increase your profits.

Shameless Bribe #1—Practice Maximizer Audit

I will email your business and perform a Practice Maximizer Audit.  Here’s exactly what I’ll do:

  1. First, I’ll walk you through a series of questions about your business.  These questions are designed to give me a clear picture of exactly where your business is at, who your ideal customers are, where you would like it to be, and identify the fastest ways to dramatically increase your profits.  This gives me the information I need to build a custom marketing plan that fits your budget.  I’ll also answer any questions that you may have at this time.
  2. I’ll identify untapped profit centers.  Most Plastic Surgeons have “hidden” or overlooked areas for additional profits.  Tapping these “veins” of gold can mean cost savings, additional revenue streams, or both.  Oftentimes huge additional profits can be generated at little or no cost.  It’s basically “found money!”
  3. You’ll get a Report of My Findings.  This includes:
    • Key areas I identify in your business where the fastest and largest increases in profits can be made cost-effectively.
    • A comprehensive marketing plan covering all strategies that are applicable to your business, your specific goals, and that fit your budget.  This may include website marketing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, reputation marketing, referral programs, customer relationship marketing, lifecycle marketing, email marketing, lead conversion tips, sales systems, etc.
    • The first three strategies to start with to achieve the biggest impact in the shortest time.
    • And much more.

This is not a “one size fits all” plan, or a “money-is-no-object-so-throw-everything-at-it-including-the-kitchen-sink” plan.  I understand and respect the fact that you’ll be investing your own money into implementing this plan, and I take that responsibility seriously.  Therefore, strategies will be carefully selected for maximum impact, and custom tailored to fit your budget, timelines and goals.

I usually charge $500 for the Practice Maximizer Audit, I am giving away 7 audits for FREE.  This is a fantastic opportunity to get a detailed plan to get more ideal new plastic surgery patients and increase your revenue. But I can only afford to do this for the first 7 plastic surgeons that contact me.

No strings. No gimmicks.

No cost.  Zip.  Nada.  $0.00.  Get the idea?  And if doing the Practice Maximizer Audit is all you want me to do, that’s fine with me.  You’ll get a detailed marketing plan to help you get more ideal new plastic surgery patients and increase your revenue.

Of course, it won’t surprise you to learn that I hope you’ll hire me to implement your marketing plan, too.  So I’ll include a written quotation with no obligation.  Then, if you give me the go-ahead, I’ll get to work right away putting your plan in place.

But there is a Catch.

Here’s the thing. I can only partner with one (1) plastic surgeon in each city to dominate that market for their selected keywords. I’m sure you understand. I can’t help two (or more) plastic surgeons be in the #1 slot for “plastic surgeons in Melbourne” – but I can help another plastic surgeon rank #1 for “breast augmentation surgery Sydney.” But this is only possible if my first client doesn’t lock up all the Australian cities and keywords. I just wanted to provide you with fair warning – this is first come – first served!

Shameless Bribe #2: A $75 Certificate for Google Adwords Advertising!

             If you decide to hire me, I will include a $75 certificate to use towards Google Advertising to help you get your next new patient online using your targeted keywords!  This is just my way of welcoming you and saying “Thanks” for using my services.

Shameless Bribe #3: Free Online Competition Report for Plastic Surgeons in Your Area

             If you are one of the first 7 plastic surgeons to schedule your Free Practice Maximizer Audits, I will include a Free copy of my report on the “State of Online Competition for New Plastic Surgery Patients in Perth.” I usually charge $500 for an in-depth report like this, but it’s free to you if you are one of the first 7 plastic surgeons to sign up. And I’ll throw in a detailed spreadsheet on all the plastic surgery online competitors in the Brisbane area free as well! This will help you and I strategize on where you are and where you need to go.

“I’m Interested, Andrew.  What Happens Next?”

Call me on 0415 32 6634 to schedule your no-obligation Practice Maximizer Audit.  If that time doesn’t work, please have your assistant email me at aclacy@gmail.com to schedule a different time.

I can only help one Plastic surgeon dominate Google for the selected keywords in the city (ies) they want to dominate. So remember – its First come – First serve.  To have the best chance of getting one of the 7 free audits, and dominate Google and your competitors in your targeted markets, DON’T wait for me to call you.

Instead, pick up the phone and call me right now at 0415 32 6634 and secure your spot.  My service is standing by 24/7 to take your call. Leave your contact information and the best time to reach you to schedule your Practice Maximizer Audit and I’ll note if you were one of the first 7 to call.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you and helping you make more money than you ever thought possible!

I’m giving away 7 Practice Maximizer Audits (a $500 value), a Free Online Competition Report ($500 value) Plus a $75 gift certificate for Google Adwords!

These “shameless bribes” when all 7 audits are taken. And locking in domination of your keywords and market is first come, first serve.

To insure you get one of the 7 free audits, and lock in your market area(s) (cities) don’t wait for me to call you.  Instead, call me right now at  0415 32 6634.

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