Online Marketing For Legal Practice

Most Legal businesses face a feast or famine phenomenon because they haven’t learned how to automatically create a steady stream of new Clients calling for appointments.

seo for legal practice Everyone’s got their busy times – certain appointment slots are so convenient for your Clients that they fill fairly easily. But if you’re starting to notice more downtime where you’re paying your staff to wait for the next flurry of Clients to come in, you’re seeing the symptoms of a serious problem.

The number one problems Legal businesses are facing today is that they don’t have a reliable way to attract new Clients and get them to come in for an appointment. It doesn’t even matter if you’re the best in your field – without a system for getting new Clients, you’re headed for trouble.

This is true even if your Firm has grown by word of mouth (most are) – or if you’ve got loyal Clients who’ve been coming to you for years. No matter how excellent your client care is, your Firm needs a steady flow of new Clients to grow – and even just to maintain the Clients load you’ve currently got.

In case you didn’t focus on this first point of my report, here it is again:


Pitfall #1 – You Don’t Have a Reliable Way to Get New Clients through the Door Whenever You Want
Without a no-fail system for attracting new Clients to your Firm, it’s a matter of time before your “feast or famine” Clients flow becomes more famine than feast. Providing excellent Clients care is not enough to grow your Firm and keep your doors open. Even your most loyal long-term Clients may one day move away – and every Firm has some percentage of Clients who are always changing offices.

That’s why it’s critical to have a reliable way to attract new Clients to your Firm. Without a way to get new Clients, it’s like you’ve got a slow leak in your office, and it’s just a matter of time before you no longer have enough Clients to keep your Firm open.

A steady stream of new Clients is the lifeblood of any successful Legal business. Without a surefire way to attract new Clients, it’s a matter of time before your chairs will be empty too often for your Firm to survive.

Pitfall #2– You Don’t Have the Time to Keep Up With the Latest Online Strategies
We understand you are busy running your law firm. Also, you don't expect your staff to be experts at online marketing when they have their own important jobs to do. For less than the cost of hiring an in house marketing person (let alone team) Australian Online Marketing can be your online experts offering full marketing services the produce return on investment.

SEO For Your Legal Practice

Do you know where your website comes up in Google? Type into Google your type of practice plus your city. For example divorce lawyer Melbourne. Or Townsville commercial solicitor, or what ever your law firm type is and the city you want to be found in. Are you on page one? Are you position one? If you answered "no" to any of these questions, you need Australian Local Marketing to help your with seo for law firm. Our services provide a return on investment.

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Social Media For Solicitors

We have many strategies to help you get fresh leads into your law firm. For example. Does your practice arrange pre nuptial agreements for newly engaged couples? We can laser target newly engaged couples in your area to arrange, while they are with you, offer them to set up their wills. Maybe your firm offers legal services for buying properties? We have unique strategies to get fresh leads in your door.

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Website Design For Law Firms

Maybe your law firms website need a fresh new look? Is your website boring and not engaging? How does your website look like on your mobile phone? Does it have click to call so people can directly call you from your website? In any way we can help you with a professional website that gets your phone to ring.

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If your Firm doesn’t have a sure-fire, no-fail way of getting new Clients in through the doors to keep your schedule as booked as you want it to be all the time, you need to call me right away to schedule a free, no-obligation one-on-one consultation. After our session, you’ll have a tactical law firm marketing action plan you can implement on your own – or you can have me help you with implementing it. Either way is fine with me; we’ll part as friends either way.

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