Dear Small Business Owner,

I know you already have a website, but I wonder if it is getting you any new business?

If you are like most of the small business owners I work with, you built your website (and spent good money) to get you more new leads, more new customers, and ultimately more profit. But somewhere along the line that didn’t quite happen, and now…

Your Website Has Become An Annoying Cost!

Instead of bringing in new customers and putting cash in your back pocket like it should, it sits there collecting cyber-dust while taking your hard-earned money from you! Now, month after month, you are paying for a website that does NOTHING to get you new business.

I’ll show you how to rank in not just your suburbs, but in surrounding Suburbs. Here’s a video that’s a few years old, but it will explain the strategy clearly.

My FREE 30-Minute Internet Marketing Consultation
Will Show You How Your Website Can
Bring In New Customers Every Single Week

In less than 30 minutes, I can ask you a few key questions, examine your current website, and provide a very revealing analysis of how you can very quickly improve your response rate.

For example:

When you call today I’ll show you…

  •        The single most important element (almost nobody uses) of a money-making website.
  •         How to get the name and email address of nearly everyone that visits your website — then market your products and services to them for free!
  •         The amazing 3-letter word that makes your customers want to read every word of your website. (Then buy everything you offer them.)
  •         How to get your website listed on the front page of Google, for FREE!
  •         The incredible 2-word phrase that forces website shoppers to call now and order your products and services.

And much, much more!

Then, after our call you do have options…

You Can Freely Use My Advice
To Improve Your Website

Or, if it’s appropriate, and entirely up to you…

Save Yourself Time AND Get
Guaranteed Results By Hiring US!

For example, we can provide:

  •        A custom made website (or re-design you current site) that…
  •        Gets you listed on Google, Yahoo & MSN and brings in plenty of targeted traffic.
  •        Gets you more calls, more customers, and more profit.
  •        Gets you a lower cost per lead than any other advertising you are currently doing.
  •        A domain name for your business. (For example, — You’ll also have company email, like
  •       Secure “hacker-proof” website hosting to keep your files (and customer data) safe from prying eyes.
  •        Web-based software that captures the name and email address of your customers, then automatically sends them information about your company while you sleep.
  •        Tracking software that shows you exactly which pages of your website your customers visit… how long they stay… which products they’re interested in… and where they go afterwards!
  •        And too much to list!

But even if you don’t decide to work with me today, after our brief discussion you’ll undoubtedly get more value from your website than ever before.

Call Me Now On 0415 32 66 34

Schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation today — with no obligation whatsoever — simply call me now on 0415 32 66 34 and discover how to make your website a profit center for your business.


Andrew Clacy

Internet Marketing Consultant

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