Birthday Marketing

Restaurant Birthday Club

Having a birthday club at your restaurant is by far one of the most beneficial revenue boosters you could ever create for your business. The most obvious reason to have a birthday club is that birthdays are popular & people love to celebrate their birthday. Birthdays are the most popular occasion to dine out. It’s also one of the most common overlooked marketing systems many owners fail to incorporate at their restaurant. In this short read, I will convey the importance of ‘why you need a birthday club’ at your restaurant, in addition to the revenue boosting benefits of creating one.

Birthday Marketing

 5 Reasons To Have A Birthday Club:
1) HIGHEST TRANSACTION CUSTOMER: according to online statistics, an average birthday patron spends $78 per table.

2) GOODWILL: patrons that dine with you on their birthday bring good will & upbeat energy to your restaurant. It keeps your establishment happier!

3) GROUPS: birthday guest seldom dine alone on their birthday and often times they brings groups of friends and family to celebrate with them. The average birthday table is 3-4 people.

4) LOW HANGING FRUIT: more than 55% of all Australians eat out on their birthday. Why not capitalize on what would be lost revenue?

5) REVENUE MULTIPLIER: The power of just one more visit can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. Just think how having multiple customers dine with you on a daily basis choosing to celebrate at your restaurant instead of your competitor.

How To Create A Birthday Club
It’s important to make sure you have a compelling offer to incentivize your customers to dine with you versus your competitor. Typical offers involve providing complimentary meals or desserts to the birthday patron if they are accompanied with a paying guest.
STEP 2: Design the Marketing Collateral
You will need to create marketing material to showcase your birthday club to existing guest encouraging them to sign up for your club. This can be post cards you send in the mail, business sized cards you provide to guest upon paying for a meal, or table tents with a call to action to join your birthday club.
On the marketing collateral, you will need a destination for the guest to visit to sign up for your birthday club. This can be a simple one page website that is connected to a email auto responder that captures the customers information and automatically sends them their birthday offer upon the time of their birthday.
you can also take more of a manual approach and provide sign up cards that capture all your customers pertinent information, in which you would then enter this information into a spreadsheet or a database program such as excel or google spreadsheets

Having a internal birthday club can have tremendous benefits for your business. However, its an additional responsibility that needs constant attention and management. Unless you have an appointed staff to properly manage your birthday club, routinely enter new sign ups into your database, track the responsiveness of your marketing, and keep your marketing collateral updated (which can get expensive), then having a birthday club can go south quick. For this reason is why we recommend you create a EXTERNAL birthday club compared to a INTERNAL birthday club.

The Most Effective Way To Drive New Customers Into Your Restaurant
In addition to the tedious work it requires to run an INTERNAL birthday club, a common concern we hear from restaurant owners is the need to attract NEW customers and not just provide discounts and specials to existing customers who may already have intentions on celebrating their birthday with their restaurant without having to provide a discount.

Recently, we’ve been having great success with a new beta program we created called Birthday Marketing. Our program helps local restaurants get more new customers on an ongoing basis. Our system allows us to geographically target thousands of people on a daily basis whose birthday is in the next 7 days within a 10 – 20 KM radius of your restaurant! We then send these customers to your restaurant to celebrate their special day.

Since we are confident in our approach, we practice exclusivity. Meaning, we only work with two restaurants per geographic region to maintain the effectiveness of our program.

“We Drive The Most Qualified Leads To Your Business. You Ensure They Show. Its A Win-Win”

We’ve truly created a sustainable system that will produce new customers on a daily basis to your restaurant. If you can benefit from a steady flow of new customers, and would like to be the exclusive restaurant we deploy our birthday system with, then make sure to proceed to the next step below to learn if having a external birthday club is a good fit for your restaurant. Our EXTERNAL Birthday club is the most hands off, passive, hassle free way to increase your revenue and drive new customers into your restaurant daily.


1) HIGHLY TARGETED MARKETING: We first put your business in front of a targeted audience of people who will be celebrating a birthday within the next 7 days. This advertisement is geographically targeted to only show to birthday patrons within 10- 20 KMs of your restaurant. Because our process reaches these potential customers right before their birthday, they are the most targeted, fresh, & qualified leads you could ever have! Your business is put in front of a new group of people every 7 days, talk about keeping it fresh!

We use unique videos and social media to create engagement: (Here’s an example)

2) CUSTOM REGISTRATION WEBSITE: next, your potential guest fills out their registration form that provides their name, phone, number of people in party, date of arrival, & time they are planning to come. You’ll get an SMS and an email notification when someone books too.










3) FOLLOW UP & NOTIFICATIONS: we create a personalized email follow up campaign that reminds the birthday guest to dine at your restaurant. In addition, we notify you and your staff of every customer lead that submits a form allowing your team to perform a timely follow up!
“We Drive The Most Qualified Leads To Your Business. You Ensure They Show. Its A Win-Win”

We’ve truly created a sustainable system that will produce new customers on a daily basis to your restaurant. If you can benefit from a steady flow of new customers, and would like to be the exclusive restaurant we deploy our birthday system with, then make sure to proceed to the next step below to see if your restaurant qualifies for a custom birthday club.

⦁ Create a noticeable R.O.I to make your advertising dollars work better for cheaper
⦁ Create a steady stream of new customers on an ongoing basis
⦁ Create a strong sense of affinity throughout the community
⦁ Become the premier restaurant and talk of the town!
⦁ Get daily visibility and exposure to your restaurant. You’ll stay in front of new customers every day!
⦁ Birthday customers seldom eat alone. Enjoy large table transactions using the birthday club system
⦁ Create positive cash flow
⦁ Unique way to increase sales
⦁ Enhance your reputation throughout town!

If you would like to learn more on how your restaurant can have a custom birthday club, then call us now on 0415 32 6634. For your benefit, our staff will contact you to schedule a  free 15 minute consultation to learn more about your restaurant to see if you’d be a good fit. Its a quick, easy, and seamless process. We look forward to helping you!