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“Online System For Booking More Appointments Using Online Lead Generation.”

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Dentist Marketing

As a fellow business owner, you know that our life-blood is quality leads from real buyers. I know you’re networking, handing out cards, asking for referrals, and making dozens of phone calls. This brings some return, but look at what it is costing you to maintain in time & money.

A surprising number of businesses in the medical field, do not use online marketing effectively. Market trends also indicate that a person with a toothache, or needing some work done would rather turn to a friend or search online for a well-reviewed dentist before going to the yellow pages.

If you’re only advertising in print, this is grim news. Brand recognition and reach are important to the survival of any business. Many potential local patients are searching online, or saying “I have a toothache” on Facebook; just to get a comment from a friend saying, “Go to Dr. Smith – He has great reviews.”

Your practice needs to be visible online, and when the local need arises. By engaging with them prior to a need in a lasting and creative way, you become top-of-mind. You now have the opportunity to make a patient-for-life.

Simply having a website is not enough. Even if you had an online presence developed five years ago; the online landscape continues to evolve, and updates are certainly necessary to meet user expectations. This is an opportunity for you to update your website, and  drive new business using proven tactics.

By leveraging these tools, we integrate your business model with your online property; allowing patients to request appointments, send feedback, download common forms, and connect with your staff via social media. This has the effect of reducing common contact requests, freeing up staff to perform other necessary functions; thus improving productivity and office efficiency.

Supposedly, there is some big mystery on how to do effective online marketing for your practice.

Is that so?

In order to truly reap the rewards of online marketing; dental practices must relate to patients via the internet and its interactive approaches – here’s how:

Establish personal relationships with patients before a pressing need Grab patient attention – of those who would otherwise forget about the usual checkups and visits.

Put patients into an automated ‘patient’ funnel of useful knowledge, products & services
Unless you have the budget for a premium television commercial, or many weeks of newspaper ads; online marketing and social media are your best chance for building a steady stream of new patients, daily.

Chances are, your competition doesn’t know about the above; they’re still trying to figure out how to get more patients. I’ve already shared some secrets how, and that gives you a competitive advantage. Why not take it a step further?

If you are looking for a premier marketing partner; you’ve found it. If you take action, right now, your competitors will never know what hit them …unless they find this page.

Call 0415 32 66 34 for a NO-COST consultation, and a free review of this powerful online marketing strategy.

I’m looking forward to working together and generating leads for your firm.


Andrew Clacy
0415 32 66 34

P.S. I give special attention to each one of my clients. The response to this page has been great, and space is limited. As such, I can not make this offer for much longer.

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